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A website is like a first date. Whoever lands on your website has probably never been there before and wants to get to know you. ​

It is highly important that you DON'T SCARE THEM Away. Give just enough information to make a decision to contact you. First, I see too many sites with information overload. I understand you have to educate your customer, but it should be done later in the sales process. You would not blurt out your whole life story on a first date...don't do it here. 

Secondly, you should answer your potential customer's questions right away with headers and pictures. Because of the internet, there is too much information out there. We design your site so that your client gets the information they need right away. WHO are you...WHAT do you do...HOW can you help  them. 

Third, GREAT DESIGN is IMPORTANT. A lot of people think design does not matter, but it does. It shows your customers that you are a professional company that is an EXPERT at your service. Contractor 360 makes sure your company has a modern, well designed website so that they want to contact YOU and not your competitor. 

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designed for mobile

Responsive Design means nothing. It just a lazy way of saying the computer does it for me. At C360 we design your site for mobile separately to make sure it looks great on a mobile screen since 86% of users view websites on their cell phone. 

custom designed

Normally a web design agency charges thousands of dollars to install a template website or even worse…build a website on Wix and Squarespace. Not here, all our designs are custom built on WordPress with elementor and css. 

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hyper focused

The main goal of your website is suppose to get your customers to click that button. We start with your call to action and design around it to get anyone that lands on your page to give you their information, which equals more sells. 

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simplified and focused


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leads clients directly to end goal


modern designs



custom designed training platform

C360 has partnered with Lightspeed to produce the best option when it comes to training your team. Most businesses buy a generic platform that does not tailor to your company’s sales process or brand. Contractor 360 will create a custom design for your brand and shoot all the video content for you to teach your team the right way. If you need us to we can organize your video library and get your platform ready for your team. 


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